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Default Re: Physical fitness?

In my young Army days I was nearly unstoppable. First time I left the Army I got huge lifting weights. Went back in and tried SFAS (special forces selection) - learned it was better to be an all around fitness guy. Got super lean and cut. I was tracking for many years until honestly after my first child was born. Just seems harder to get back on the horse and return to where I was. I would like to drop at least 10lbs. At anywhere from 150-155 at my size I can lift plenty of weights and run no problem.

My usual favorite run was a 7 mile run around a lake which I could do in an hour. I agree with others on here; my usual run routine left me feeling so much better. My old workout routine consisted of 20 mins of weights, 20-30 mins of cardio and finished off with a swim. Man do I miss those days!
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