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Default Vintage Simmons Pads with Yamaha DTX Multi 12: Weak signal from pads requires external gain boost

Hi guys.

I've got a set of vintage 80s Simmons pads hooked up
to the rear trigger inputs of a Yamaha DTX Multi 12 with XLR to jack cables.

The pads seem to give a really weak signal even with the
Yamaha's input gain on max for each trigger.

I then ran one of the Simmons pads through a guitar stompbox that has a
20db boost on it..and now the response is absolutely perfect!

Is this normal? I know that vintage Simmons brains have strange
XLR wiring but do the XLR outs of the pads have anything to
do with the weak signal?

Seems like i would need a multi channel preamp to boost
each pad!!!!
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