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Default Re: Drum Rack or Stands?

I know this post has been around for a while. Just wanted to see what you guys think about my setup.

I have a 6-piece Premier XPK, with 7 cymbals (3 crashes, splash, ride, China, hats). All toms are rack mounted. I need to tear down and set up about 4x per week for rehearsals and gigs (playing/rehearsing twice per week, plus setting up again when I get back home).

Just wondering if a rack system would save me time on the setups? The drums themselves are not bad, since they all have memory locks. But I would like to shift my 2 rack toms to the left to make more room for my ride cymbal. Getting the cymbals in the right position takes some time. The other option is using permanent marker on my cymbal stands to mark the heights, boom angles, positions, etc.
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