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Default Re: I just started drums after almost 40 years on guitar....

Wow that's awesome! Well, welcome to drumming and the forum. I believe drumming is one of the most humbling things I have ever experienced and may be to others as well. Just when you think you've broken through on something or that you're making great progress, you load up a favorite drumming video only to watch it and realize you still have a loooong way to go lol. I especially admire Gospel drummers. Their linear creativity is just incredible, as are their right feet to go along with it lol.

And yes, as far as tuning, it's just like drumming and not to take away from Mike Johnston's saying but some are just beginning, few have mastered it and most of us are somewhere in the middle. IMO you have to be extremely tone deaf or sorry to be blunt, horrible at tuning a drum to make it sound bad. The middle ground is huge with tuning and only a few are probably masters at tuning up a drum head. So don't be too afraid of tuning up your drums. In fact here are a couple links to watch to get you started.

Anyway, that's awesome you plan to piece together a set to jam with and a Pearl Reference bass drum is a great start! If you like small drums I'd say look at going with an 8", 10" and 14" setup. Can be a very fun and melodical set to play with. If nothing else a 1 up 1 down 10" and 14" inch setup would be fine too. Not sure if you'll read this but good luck with your drumming journey!
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