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Default Re: DW 9002PC Double Pedal On Sale!!

Originally Posted by Reggae_Mangle View Post
Too bad it was the older version of the pedal, that would explain the insanely good price. Never mind, this one got away, but I'm sure you'll see some good offers crop up in the coming months. I'd say go out and try all the pedals you can and when the discount season starts, time your purchase for the maximum bang for buck.

ICs are really good pedals and I was leaning toward getting a pair after selling my Eliminators. What I like about them is they "feel" heavier than the Eliminators did, the action on both, of course, is super smooth.
Thank you Reggae, yeah I hope to see that deal again. I almost wanted to go up there the next day to see if they would help me out by giving me the deal one day late seeing how I couldn't get there until the weekend but that's ok. Also I'm not sure if you mean Demon Drives or the Powershifters but yes you're right about the difference between the Elim DD's and IC's if that's what you meant. I actually got to try the single version of the Elim DD at GC one day and while it was the smoothest and quickest acting pedal I have ever felt it was a bit odd feeling to me. I don't know if it was the heel plate with how it was raised or not ground level, the footboard or how light it was but it didn't sit well with me at that moment. Not that I had the funds to even consider it but it didn't feel right under my foot. Now for playing metal and crazy fast 16th or 32nd notes yeah those would fly effortlessly but I'm not sure how well they would work for the technical stuff or how much control and feel there would be.

I think I'm looking for a middle of the road pedal. One that can help aid me in doing fast straight 16th notes if needed, heel toe, quick doubles with heel up and a good feel when playing a straight 1/4 or 8th note beat. That's not asking much is it lol?

Though you're right, I need to get my right foot onto a few pedals to see how they feel. Not that I did this with the Tama IC's but in a sense you wouldn't buy a pair of size 11 shoes because they look cool when you actually wear size 13. You would get something that fits instead.