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Default Re: Yamaha pedals?

i own a 9500d pedal... i started on a speed king and liked the feel of it, but not the loose and shaky part... i don't know the difference between a chain or direct, since i have only played direct, i just know in my mind a direct link seems more logical.... things i like are as follows, smooth squarish footboard... i play in sock feet and the smooth board feels good... the pedal is very smooth and i guess could feel finicky, but it responds to your foot... feels solid... and a funny thing maybe people don't think about, but the heel plate is at an angle that nearly matches the angle of the footboard, rather than an abrupt angle... cons, i don't know, maybe the footboard feels heavier than the speedking... but certainly with proper adjustment you can get this pedal really floating... also if you get it swinging you can clank the bar, but there is a rubber thing to help dampen that... it rarely happens and you learn to not let it get that wild.. if you get the height set so the linkage is on the downward travel when it strikes the head, but before it starts to fight itself, you can really get a lot of power... very noticeable difference to my speed king which cannot be adjusted for that... anyhow, a lot of rambling
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