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Default Trying to convince myself to keep playing Remo

One I first got my drum set, it had Hydraulics. I didn't know how to tune at all, so I started whacking 'em. I didn't have any extra cash, so I tried electrical tape, post it notes, switched some stock reso which was something like a Smooth White (made the overtones worse). I hated the look of all those tom marks so naturally I heard about Coated Emperors being the most durable head ever. I didn't realize that I love low, full toms; I got the exact opposite with the Emperors. They were pingy and all I heard was the sound of the stick hitting the drum. I love the look of Pinstripes, but when I heard about Evans 360 I just wanted them so bad. I put my old Hydraulics on again, and actually tuned them with a torque key, and they sound so great!

So my question is: I've had Evans for forever; however, at my school they love Remo and they sound great; should I keep with my Hydraulics and what combo would make a deep full sound?
Maybe I got the wrong head for my cheapies, I have honestly no idea what I should do.

Oh, fun fact: I had those same Hydraulics for 3 years before I switched them out, so I can't keep them for long
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