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Originally Posted by NUTHA JASON
Originally Posted by firesticks
hey man from one drummer to the next i find that alex van halen has a much better grove than bonham also his timing was and is dam near perfect, listen to the songs and you will here more than one stye of playing in his music everything from metal,jazz blues and swing, i have found that bonham mostly stays in a comfort zone of one style.
bonham only has one is that possible...ask him this.,...

do any of the following grooves in these songs sonund similar at all
-achilles last stand
-fool in the rain
-i cant quit you baby
-the rover
-going to califronia


-achilles last stand - metal/hard rock groove
-fool in the rain- shuffle groove
- i cant quit you baby - blues groove
-the rover - solid groove
-going to california - no groove
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