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Default Re: Anybody switch from double to single?

Originally Posted by sam13 View Post
Issue with point A:
You do it with one foot, I do it with two. Who cares? Why is one way better than the other?
Are you going to win drummer of the decade award because you can play something with one bass drum? There was already a John Bonham, and every drummer on the planet will never ever have a better right foot than him.
Playing the same figure with one foot frees up the other foot to play the hi-hat, or merely to use as leverage, or an "anchor". Playing it with two feet will allow you to play it louder and with more even definition, but playing the hi-hat at the same time as your left foot plays the left bass drum pedal is both tricky and ineffective.

If you don't care about playing hi-hats (as in Keith Moon), you have no reason to be commenting on this anyway.

As for your take on John Bonham, I suppose you haven't heard much of Tony Williams bass drum playing...or Buddy Rich for that matter...
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