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Thanks for the heads-up re. i'anson, hollowcreature. It would be interesting to hear it, especially having read the blog about its creation.

It was refreshing to find this thread about Steve's drumming, as very few drummers I know are familiar with his work, which is a shame, because there is so much to learn from his approach to composition and his wealth of creativity. I almost feel sometimes that the scope of his talent is too refined for the average ear. I have heard the adjective 'simple' applied to his drumming on more than one occasion ... I don't see this at all. It might be relatively easy (in some cases) to play what he plays, but to play it as he plays it, is extremely difficult - it's all in the detail. To my ear, there are very few drummers who can combine such perfect timing with such an organic feel. And it's certainly not simple to come up with an original perspective on rhythm. I hope this thread will encourage other drummers to check him out ... the rewards are enormous.

Incidetally, I'd be interested to hear about your work with No-Man, and also your more recent work on Slope.


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