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Default Re: Anybody switch from double to single?

Regarding rudiments with the feet. No players are really doing that.

Take doubles with the feet. Virgil and Lang and others do them. But do they tell you there is a great decibel drop between doubles as opposed to singles? No, because they are compressing the sound and compensating for that db loss. Or using electronics. Mike Mangini told me that himself as a reason why he isn't big on them.

Paradiddles? See doubles above

Flams. Really? Besides Terry's Swiss triplets? Can you find me some more that are NOT in a clinic context?

Don't even get me started on drags and ratamacues.

Also, developing the left foot for double bass does NOT improve your hi hat playing. The hi hat requires its own coordination because it does not play the same role at all as the left bass drum pedal. When does anyone play RLRL between bd and hi hat?

I'm not slamming double bass. I play double bass and have so for almost 30 years. But 99.9% of it is RLRL. I'm working on keeping a roll at 220 BPM going for more than 8 bars right now.There is nothing wrong with that because you can do millions of things with singles.
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