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Default Re: Can there be free will in a world where pre-destiny exists?

Originally Posted by gretsch-o-rama View Post
Lol! Good one! Like when Christian men make their women cover their faces when going into public? You're so right!
I'm not talking about the covering of faces. I'm merely pointing out that every religion has fringe elements and unpleasant consequences - including Christianity. This applies even to the treatment of women. In most denominations, women can't be priests, for example.

In the UK there is an ongoing debate about the various forms of Islamic dress and one of the interesting points is that most of the women that are interviewed speak about how it was their choice to wear it, not their husband's. It's a small and specialised sample but in these Islamic dress is not necessarily anything to do with the husband's view.

From the tone of your reply, I take it you're a Christian. Surely your edict is therefore to be accepting of different cultures, views and customs regardless of your views on individual points of dogma?
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