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Default Re: Where Have You Lived?

I'm a west coast girl:
Born in San Francisco ... truly left my heart there and am terribly homesick for it all the time
Moved to Barstow, CA when I was 8, for 15 mind-numbing, torturous years (if you've ever driven from LA to Vegas, you've gone through ... if you don't know it, it's in the middle of the Mojave Desert, with nothing to claim but a couple of military bases, a big railroad switching yard, a dry river, unbearable heat and humidity in the summer, and sand storms that'll take the paint right off your car).
Escaped to San Diego for 15 years (talk about feeling like paradise!) and lived in El Cajon, North Park and Pacific Beach.
Moved to Canada, to the wilds of British Columbia and lived outside of Clearwater for 9 years.
Wanted to go to New Mexico, Wisconsin or So Dakota when I left Canada, but the Seattle area was the farthest I could get with three howling cats in the back seat of my car. Have been here for 10 years, first in Bothell and now Everett.
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