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Default Re: Physical fitness?

I am 56. I was told by my Doc that I had to exercise more. I was 20 LBS overweight and I had slightly high cholesterol and blood pressure. I was a candidate for diabetes and a heart attack in the future. He recommended exercise and diet changes.

I hate to exercise so I thought for a while about what I should do.
I bought a Roland V-Drums Lite kit. It has built in pedals that can be programed for double bass. I began to work out on the kit each night. I played the pedals as fast and hard as I could and I did the same with my arms and hands on the electronic drum pads. I also made some minor changes to my diet such as carrots instead of potato chips and no eggs etc.
It worked! Within 3 months I lost 5 pounds and I am still slowly losing weight. My cholesterol and my blood pressure dropped substantially to very safe normal levels. I feel much better.
I wound up buying a set of double pedals for my acoustic kit too. I am getting into doubles playing and I really like it.
I use thrones that have backrest. My back health has also improved from the doubles playing. I have very little back pain now because the exercise keeps me toned and loose.
I kind of like old drums:)
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