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Default Re: Any tips for 'useful fidgeting'?

Originally Posted by leanneislearningtodrum View Post
Hello all!
I tend to move a lot, and get restless waiting in line, on the bus, stuff like that. I do what I call 'useful fidgeting', which is pretty much fidgeting with purpose. I tap dance, but there's not too much I can do with that in public and remain low key (ta daaaaaa!)

Since I've started to drum I've been able to subtly practice some coordination stuff. My favourite useful fidget is to practice foot ostentatos while i am sitting or standing, which I can do with nobody noticing.

I'm curious to hear if others fit in sneaky practice to pass the time while they're out and about. I'm working on a post for my blog about this, and would love some other ideas to share (before I quote anyone from here I'll be sure to PM to get permission first).

So, does anyone do the same? What do you do?
:) Leanne
I do this all the time. Driving, standing, walking, sitting. It kind of freaks people out subtly so I usually do minor twitching that no one can notice. Of course, there's zero feel, but it can develop coordination I think so it is valuable as far as that goes. I focus on polyrhtyms and odd times mostly when I do this. Since you have no feel and zero sound, you can really focus on the technical aspect of coordination, without the "distractions" of sticks and pedals and noise.
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