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Default Re: Computer Science degree

I am currently enrolled full-time at a two-year college studying for an Associates of Applied Science in Web development. We have just finished learning Microsoft networks and next week we'll start learning Linux networks. After that, it will be C#, then more languages like PHP, CSS, JavaScript, HTML5, etc. See the curriculum at

I have been doing websites for 10 years but I want to get more technical skills, literacy in artificial languages and learn more back-end stuff. I suggest you research to what extent the degree teaches hands-on programming skills, which is what businesses are looking for the most.

Computer science is challenging but any person of at least ordinary intelligence can learn it if they enjoy it and apply themselves. I am also working full-time (self employed) so it is a struggle to keep it all together. While I could have done online courses, I like the discipline of a sit-down classroom.
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