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Default Re: Computer Science degree

I have a Master's in CS. It's my opinion that most people either have an aptitude for it, or not. If you do, the differences between languages are no big deal, some are just a bit more tedious than others. If you don't, any language will be hard to learn. The hardest part of going through the program for me, was flaky instructors. First, let me say that most of my instructors were excellent talented professionals that I learned a lot from. However, a small number were nutjobs. One guy told us at the beginning that there would be homeworks, quizzes, 3 tests, a large programming project, and a final exam. By the end of the semester, all we did was the programming project. I got an A, a friend got a B, neither of us received ANY comments or feedback, just our letter grade. My friend (whom I have a very high opinion of, and who has been extremely successful) complained and the instructor replied, "I just didn't think it was A work". It's important to get to know other students and find out about instructors before taking their classes.
A class in NP-complete problems was somewhat challenging, but mainly just because of the mathematical proofs, notation, etc.
The program was certainly a LOT of work, but if you have programming experience, and like it, you should do well. I certainly learned a lot, and I do recommend it. As far as jobs, I've always done pretty well, and when comparing credentials, employers/customers have always been more impressed with my Master's in CS, than so many of my friends' MBA's.
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