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Default Re: Computer Science degree

Thank you, Bacterium!

I've been handed an opportunity by the company I work for. They are partnering with Georgia Tech to offer a Master of Science in Computer Science degree complely online. My background is in business but I have a boatload of CS classes, both instructor led and computer based training from companies I have worked for in the past and college classes I've managed to take along the way after graduating with a bachelors in business. For most of my professional life I've been in IT one way or the other, so this is a great opportunity to fill in the gaps I have plus make myself more valuable and relevant to the company. Primarily I want the head knowledge, but being useful to the company is also a plus.

I took a mainframe architecture class years ago and we got into machine language (1's and 0's if I remember correctly), that I thought was interesting.

My boss gave me the nod to go ahead and apply. My concern is 1) the time I need to study (full time job plus family) and 2) the time it will take to pick up a new language like Unix or Python, or C/C++. Unix doesn't seem hard because I used to do things in DOS, and I'm teaching myself Python right now. When I took C years ago I remember it was hard to learn.
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