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Default Re: DW 9002PC Double Pedal On Sale!!

Like I knew would happen, I got the reply today. Always a quick response from them. I kind of figured it was as simple as this, as in it meaning C was for the hard case and B for the bag but it's always good to check. Here is the reply:


When we introduced the current version of our 9000 pedal we changed the part number as well. A 9002PC is still a 9000 pedal, however it is the older generation. To make things easier please see below. Let me know if you have any other questions.



I didn't follow up with the questions of what changed as it's obvious from the replies here and the videos I've watched. So like I said, it's the older model and the new models are just named DW 9000 single and DW 9000 double which go for $579. Which of course as noted here by a couple of members it has the upgraded toe clamp and rubber on the plates. Which IMO is not a deal breaker for me as I have no problem with standard toe clamps on this X7 kit.

As for the quality of the IC vs the 9000 I have no doubt they are on the same level. You could probably drop this IC PG off of the tallest building and still be able to play it after that lol. I just think I would like the feel of a standard size footboard with INCREDIBLY smooth action like that of the Tama IC. I also tend to believe that there is a bit of a delay with the PG because of it's offset cam. Honestly though and don't get me wrong, the Tama IC PG has served me well and shed new light onto what it's like to have top of the line pedals but I'm just looking for a certain feel and I got it with my DW3000's but it's without the frictionless feel and speed. Also no getting the 9000's wouldn't be for the bling or to say I have "9000's", honestly. I'm looking for a certain feel and action and the IC feels a bit too heavy with it's beefy footboard and the action feels a bit off to me because of the longer board and cam.

I'm going to be able to jam a bit tonight so I'm going to give it one more go with the IC but right now and because of the deal on these, I'm at 90% yay and 10% nay lol. :)

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