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Default Re: Physical fitness?

I appear to have a "thing" about posture. People comment on my posture a lot more than on my drumming (not entirely sure how I feel about that!). As many people on here probably know, I ride horses and my main interest is dressage, albeit at a lowish level, which requires core strength and considerably more aerobic fitness than you might expect if you've never sat on a horse. Whenever and wherever I sit down, I have the ear-shoulder-hip alignment (when riding, add in "heel") with my upper body as tall as my physiology will permit without straining. It's such an ingrained habit I don't even know I'm doing it.

I believe it contributes to my efficiency as a drummer, because any tension is limited to my core, leaving my limbs relaxed and able to move easily, and I never feel physically tired or uncomfortable even when I've been playing for several hours.

That makes me sound really up myself, but I'm not, honest!
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