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Default Re: Iron Cobra Jr Double Pedal Problem

Well, it was a bust! I tested the ujoint, got tons of play, then realized the drive shaft wasn't tightened. From there, I realized (literally) half of the screws and hardware were missing, the other half were stripped and jammed in, so the drive shaft couldn't be tightened. I figured even if I got hold of a screw extractor and replaced all the hardware, this thing had been abused and after all the trouble I'd probably wind up with tons of ujoint play. It was really trashed! It did have the cobra coil though. I probably could have bought it and flipped it for more cash, or fixed it up and did the same, but I'm tired of this game - I just want a decent pedal! I realize brand new pedals come with the peace of mind having them work perfect, but all I can afford is used, so the hunt continues...

If anyone on here is in the Connecticut area and is looking for an IC project, here's the link:
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