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Default Re: Anybody switch from double to single?

Originally Posted by drumming sort of person View Post
What you play with a double pedal is going to be dictated by the music and by the sound and feel of the bass drum. I'm not going to play a rudiment just to play a rudiment, whether it's on the bass drum or snare drum or splash cymbal.

Generally, you're going to use the double pedal to play figures you're unable to play with a single pedal. This means you're probably only playing quick ruffs or fast ostinatos. With the size of your leg and muscles being what they are, playing accurately and controlled at anything but fff will take considerable skill.

Let's face it, double bass drum work is anything but subtle.
I mean play rudiments with it as an exercise to gain better control and independence between your feet. We do this with our hands, why not our feet? Remember, if you can do it with your hands, you can do it with your feet.

I understand the time, dedication, and skill it takes to successfully use both feet. I have been using both of mine for 20+ years. Think of it this way, wouldn't it be beneficial (even for hi hat purposes) to have your feet be on par with your hands? Plus, the more you learn to use your left foot, the greater your toolbox of skill will be.

Try this on for size, play a 4/4 with your hands and RLR LRL with your feet using your kick and hi hat. See what it does to your overall coordination, then come back here and tell me that rudiments with your feet aren't necessary.
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