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Thirty years ago drum hardware had become so sturdy that it held the drum in place without any movement which killed the resonance. RIMS did help to improve this by allowing the shell to bounce a little bit but still has a big flaw in that it puts tension on the rods as the shell bounces. If you tune while mounted it does provide better results but still not ideal. Mounting the tom on a snare stand is also tricky because you have to pinch the bottom rim as to not kill the tone. Booty shakers seem like an okay idea for the smaller toms but as the drums get larger they are a bit harder to tame so I prefer a bit less resonance that you get from legs.

If you check out the Ludwig kits on Memphis Drum shops web site, at least half the kits tom mounts are directly on the shell, not even the new Atlas mounts are used. The idea of not adding a couple extra holes in the shell is kind of stupid to me. What you really want is to not hold the shell to firmly in place. I think Yamaha has the right idea and if you really don't want to drill any extra holes I really like the DW and Mapex mounts. The new Tama Star mounts also make sense to me. Notice in the pic that this drum is to far down on the mounting rod.
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