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Default Re: DW 9002PC Double Pedal On Sale!!

Originally Posted by wildbill View Post
Did you click on the second link in my post? All the stores listed currently selling them call them 9002PC.
Yes, those are all the PC versions of the 9000. Every place that has the PC also has the newer version of the 9000 which they just call it 9000 or 9000XF with the extended footboard like you mentioned.

The more I read into this PC version it seems, like drumming mentioned, that it has the older toe clamp, velcro instead of rubber on the plates and possibly bearings that are not as good as the updated ones for $579.

I may get more info from DW but that seems to be the differences. This is such an incredible deal that would be hard to pass up! Not sure if I mentioned it before but I like the standard size footboards more than the longer and bulkier footboard of the IC but with the smoothness of the IC PG. I don't know, it's going to drive me crazy but I'm gonna think about it some more.