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Default Re: DW 9002PC Double Pedal On Sale!!

Hi wildbill, thanks for the reply. Actually no the 9000's are still at $579. For some reason the price on the PC version was dropped and seems like it's a clearance item now? I'd hate to trade up and then have these not be "true" 9000's. Like the ones that are close to $300 more. Just not sure what the deal is here.

Kind of bummed about this seeing how I spent what I did on the IC's but that was quite a while ago and there was no telling this kind of a deal was going to pop up. Maybe I can get a reply from DW asap before the deal goes away. I usually get a reply back within a day from them, they are great for that.


EDIT: Actually these may be the ones where you can't adjust the cam to be either turbo or accel? Anyway I'll update when I get a reply from DW.