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ewanlaingi think theres too many peolpe here anyway that just say "yeah, well you're just a teenager. harumph!" when they can't think up a valid defence.
and in fact i really like the way teens think. they aren't always the stereotypical teenager. many teens are open minded, fresh eared, serious people who lack the crippling ego of the adult who has seen it all and will not change.

Quote from a PM:
Originally Posted by firesticks
hey man from one drummer to the next i find that alex van halen has a much better grove than bonham also his timing was and is dam near perfect, listen to the songs and you will here more than one stye of playing in his music everything from metal,jazz blues and swing, i have found that bonham mostly stays in a comfort zone of one style. there is a drum solo on van halens cd balance, listen to it. if you would put it on the site. i'm not bashing bonham i'm just stating as an all around drummer alex vh is by far the superior drummer.
great country you live in i was in london 4 years a go for 2 months.

you are entitled to your opinions. but as admin of this site i have seen plenty of hero worshippers come and go. i love alex's drumming and bonzo's. bonham plays very differnet grooves across a broad spectrum of styles. he is very versatile ... i think your knowledge, based on your earlier posts, of his playing is very limited. i think it is wrong to rank and compare drummers in the way that you do. bonham died, alex is still alive...its a bit of a disadvantage. bonham influences more drummers today than alex does.
calm down on the alex is the superior drummer stuff and accept that bonham is as great as most people say he was.

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