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Default Re: Iron Cobra Jr Double Pedal Problem

Grab your slave pedal cam with one hand and your beater with the other. While keeping the cam still, try to move the beater back and forth. If it has more than about a quarter inch of play, your driveshaft U-joints are wearing out. This is why your beater has a loss of response. As the beater swings freely, the first set of U-joints must take up their slack to start to turn the driveshaft. Once the driveshaft starts to turn, the second set of U-joints must then take up their slack to move the slave pedal. All of this clunking of the U-joints is counteracting the spring, thus deadening your pedal responsiveness. One solution is to replace the driveshaft, the second would be add a spring to the slave side. A second spring will help the action of the slave pedal and assist the main spring in doing its job. It wont solve the slack in the driveshaft, but it will help alleviate some clunkiness to the slave side.
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