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Default Re: RIMS killers

The Pearl suspension feet are what I have too. They do the job well, and my FT's are very resonant.
I have the Pearl stand you have too, and believe it or not, the 'Lil Booty Shakers make a difference on that stand also.

What ever stand the tom is on, it's like you are holding the drum by the rim with your fingers.
If you want your tom to really sing, get the 'Lil Booty Shakers. I love those things.

Dixon makes a lift that works for bass drums up to 24".
If I remember correctly, it said the pad/lift part is filled with something to level any size out. If that part had the Booty Shaker foam on top of it, you would get more tone out of the drum. If the bass drum legs had the B.S. feet things on them (and were able to stay in one place), you'd have all the frequencies of tone you could dial in.

Not sure how much more in the lower tones you'd want out of a 24, but for an 18 or 20", it would be pretty cool.
Just some Booty foam on the lift would make a difference I'd think. OR, take the rubber tips off the BD leg, fix the spike so it wouldn't go through, and use Pearl suspension feet on the BD leg tips. That might work too.
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