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Default Re: Iron Cobra Jr Double Pedal Problem

Those are all fair points. For full disclosure, I'm mostly comparing this pedal to my older single chain DW 5000 double pedal I used to play. If I pulled both beaters forward on that they'd both swing back and forth the same amount, or at least close. If I pull both beaters forward, same tension on both, the master swings back about 8 times, each one a bit slower. The slave swings about 3 times and stops abruptly as if I'd grabbed the beater. That's all that's making me weary of blaming the drive shaft, but I'm also inexperienced with these things, so probably my old DW was the one that was more the exception to this kind of rule of lagging. As you said, maybe that one just had a little less lag so that's what I'm expecting from the IC Jr.

I considered returning the pedal and trying to track down another one, but it's really only noticeable when I'm looking for the problem and moving the beaters with my hands, not when I'm my energy is probably better spent practicing. I'd replace the drive shaft with something nice, but that would cost more than I paid for the whole pedal which I really only went "cheap" on so I'd have something to learn on. Maybe some day! At least now I know this pedal inside and out, literally.

Thanks again for the tips folks!
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