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Default Re: Can there be free will in a world where pre-destiny exists?

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
James, that makes perfect sense if you are raised in such an environment and you have been raised in deep, oppressive religiosity of that kind ... and if you have the kind of genetic makeup makes you unlikely to actively resist indoctrination.

The past makes the present inevitable. Current understanding has it that it's a chain of events starting from the first quantum variations within the Big Bang.

'Aha!' one might say. 'I can fool so-called destiny by suddenly raising a hand spontaneously and I don't even know which hand so how could destiny "know"?'

But ... everything in that person's past means they're the kind of gronk who'd try to fool destiny with that kind of game and your unconscious mind has been geared by the past to decide which hand to lift.

If you are the kind of person who chooses not to take crazy risks - destiny or no destiny - then your past and genetics would have made it inevitable that you'd be that kind of person. Each decision you make is a product of your genetics and past (assuming there is no present because by the time you observe it, it is the past).

Each moment reduces your potentials and possibilities. For instance, I am typing this from Seoul airport (feeling a bit spaced out) and every event that went before made it inevitable that I'd type this from Seoul and not Sydney ...

Islam isn't oppressive. It's just that the extreme practitioners are the loudest in the crowd, so it's assumed they're all like that.

Think Christianity around the time of the Renaissance or Inquisition. It doesn't define the religion. It's a rabid interpretation.

Like that kind of Christianity, rabid and violent Islam is doomed to being crushed under the collective weight of rationale, modern thought and deed.

As far as being in Seoul and not Sydney, Anon La Ply, you might be cosmically, genetically, poetically or ironically pre-disposed toward making the choices that landed you in your present predicament/state of wonderment.
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