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Default Re: Any tips for 'useful fidgeting'?

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Hello all!
I tend to move a lot, and get restless waiting in line, on the bus, stuff like that. I do what I call 'useful fidgeting', which is pretty much fidgeting with purpose. I tap dance, but there's not too much I can do with that in public and remain low key (ta daaaaaa!)

Since I've started to drum I've been able to subtly practice some coordination stuff. My favourite useful fidget is to practice foot ostentatos while i am sitting or standing, which I can do with nobody noticing.

I'm curious to hear if others fit in sneaky practice to pass the time while they're out and about. I'm working on a post for my blog about this, and would love some other ideas to share (before I quote anyone from here I'll be sure to PM to get permission first).

So, does anyone do the same? What do you do?
:) Leanne
Yeah, I can't help it. Most of it is in my head, but if I am at a store with a shopping cart, then that's when I do it. I mean, the handle becomes a drum. My walking is a groove, so I might play along on the handle, improvising different things.

Like The Old Hyde, I will play along to the gas pump. Except, I haven't used it yet to test my meter.

Also, I am like DustinB: I do a lot of "mental practice", and it helps quite a bit. I don't have 24/7 access to my drums. I only get to see my drums when the band practices or when we have a gig, and we only practice 1-3 times per month, and we gig like once every 2-3 months. When we practice, we only go for about 2 hours, maybe 3 (which I do hate). The only thing I can play on at home is my practice pad, which I keep on a snare stand. I have an office chair which can get almost as high as my stool is (this office chair doesn't go very high), and so I can kind of pretend I'm at my drumset. However, that has resulted in me preferring to just do mental practice and air drumming. By air drumming, I mean with imaginary sticks. It helps keep some of my drumming muscles developed instead of allowing them to get weaker.

Envisioning is critical though. This hit me big time when I was watching one of my favorite drummers playing (either Dave Weckl or Mike Mangini), and I actually tried very hard to imagine that it was me playing. I think. Either that or maybe I envisioned what it would be like if I were playing that same stuff I was seeing and hearing as though I practiced it and got good at it. Either way, I envisioned what it might be like to be able to play that exact same stuff, to have my body doing that with the same ease and it helped me a little bit by giving me a little bit of an insight into what it might take to pull it off.

So yeah, I do a combination of air drumming, drumming on my body, or on a shopping cart, as well as mental practice where I'm doing it all in my head.
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