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Default Re: Are Ludwig Supraphonics really that good a snare

Originally Posted by Captain Bash View Post
It's obvious I am in the minority in thinking these snares are way overrated, just to back up my original post I have now sold my supra 400 and reinvested the money in a bosphorus pang thang !

I should have said in the first post that my goto drums are:

Brady block 14 x 7 just a great great rock drum under especially under the mic
Ultracast 14 x 5 ish (for pub gigs its the dogs) sounds ace tuned down
Ayotte Kep 13 x 6 this drum will cut you up, great for anything out there
Pearl Omar hakim 13 x 4 mahogony really good for soul or funk at medium volumes

I guess I am not into vintage.......
I hope you dig your Bosphorus cymbal. Life its too short to not have some things you enjoy.

I wouldn't categorize my 402 as a "vintage sound". I might think it is a bit more "classic" than "vintage". I think people categorize it in a vintage respect because it has been recorded scores of times over.

There are so many variables, even surrounding such a widely recorded drum, that lend to the sound just as much as the snare itself. The type if mics, the reel to reels and techniques all lend itself to this feeling of "vintage" just as much and possibly more so than the snare itself.

I think many who have the snare try as much as possible to achieve that tone as they can because they really like the vibe that some of the greats achieved with this piece of gear.

But, if you throw different snares and heads on it, and tune it differently, then use different recording techniques, you may come up with a completely different sound.
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