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Default Re: Let's see your Gretsch kits (saved the best for last!)

Originally Posted by RickP View Post
Just received this kit yesterday by UPS. Sizes are 20 x 14 bass ; 12 x 8 mounted tom and 14 x 14 floor tom. I ordered the matching 6.5 x 14 snare drum through Steve Maxwell last week.

The kit has the Steve Maxwell exclusive Espresso Burst wrap and 302 double flange hoops with the modern buildout.

The pictures are from the seller I purchased it from , he had it only a couple of weeks. I haven't decided if I will change out the hoops to diecast yet. The 302 double flange hoops give it a real 50's round badge vibe.
if thats the kit with the 20" bass drum that was at Steves shop I have played it .....I went back a couple weeks ago and it was gone .

my heart melted like butter when I hit those toms

that kit sounds absolutely unbelievable ........ seriously !!!! ....and is easy on the eyes to boot

Steve told me he had not even taken a key to it at that point

you are blessed brother

from one Grestch lover to another .....happy drumming
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