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Default Iron Cobra Jr Double Pedal Problem

Hey Folks,
I recently bought a used Iron Cobra Jr double pedal (one of the older black ones). It works great except for a bit of lag on the slave pedal. When I push the two beaters forward with my hand and let go, the master beater will bounce back and forth very freely and slowly die out. The slave beater bounces a few times and then very abruptly stops as if something is hindering it from freely swinging. The problem only happens when the slave pedal/drive shaft are attached - if I detach them and perform the same test, both pedals swing freely. Even when I set the slave for the lowest tension and the master for the highest it still tapers off significantly sooner than the master. The pedal is playable like this, but the lack of bounce by the slave makes getting any left foot momentum impossible.

I lubed all of the moving parts of the pedal to no avail, so I took the whole thing apart, cleaned all of the cavities and bearings, and lubed the bearings. All of the bearings after the cleaning/lubing seemed healthy except for one which spins but not very well. I figured that was the culprit, so I put everything back together moving the dud bearing to the master side (just to test) and the slave is still stifled - almost as if someone was grabbing the beater after it bounces once or twice. I also swapped the master/slave springs to see if they had anything to do with it - same results. I imagine replacing all of the bearings couldn't hurt, but as all of the bearings associated with the slave pedal and drive shaft are spinning freely, it seems like something else could be wrong.

If anybody has any tips I'd really appreciate it! I did a search on the forum and didn't find anything like this, so I hope this hasn't been covered already. Thanks!
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