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Originally Posted by *JOHN FAVICCHIA * View Post
Hey everyone-

Just posted another vid-

This is one of the tunes I wrote to play at my drum clinics. Its a crazy song/exercise in playing kicks with the band. After writing the Ensemble playing section of my Elements Book (Page 32) I thought it would be fun to have a song that demos Ensemble playing..
Very nice John! Not to deter from Jason's comments, but I like the lick at 1:07 (ie, I don't know how to do the lick, although I've heard it plenty of times by other drummers, so).

I think what adds to it is the clean mix you have. I suppose it has to have an effect on the quality of your practice sessions .. that is, the ability to hear every drum, every cymbal. Plus, you're probably listening to the mix through your headphones (noticed your headphone cord got loose on you).

Can you transcribe the lick at 1:07? Also, the end riff... is that three hits on the FT, then two hits on the BD?


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