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Originally Posted by KarlCrafton View Post
You could do a Booty Shaker for a bass drum.

One each in the foot. You could extend the spike to fit in a small slot in a plastic base with the foam supporting the actual foot. Solve the moving/sliding problem by having the plastic base with velcro on it for a rug.

If someone was interested, or concerned about having a bass drum that much more resonant, they would deal with a small rug, or attaching something to an existing rug.

Most people aren't going for max resonance in a bass drum anyway, so it'd probably never sell--or sell very little.

If your toms are mounted to the bass drum and you de coupled the bass drum from the floor the toms are then also de coupled, that's what I meant by they're along for the ride. So yeah de coupling the bass drum makes a lot of sense, especially if you mount toms on it.

A integrated set of spurs that could do the job would be revolutionary.
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