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Default Re: Hi-Hat Stepping (Lift & Close on every beat)

Lot's of good tips here already; Here's a quick list of some things that worked for me;
- the hat foot used as a 'chick' pulse or meter is usually an afterthought for most drummers and the last thing to 'come online' once they've mastered the basic co-ordination with the hands and kick foot. If you can learn to incorporate it early in the game, it will help in the long run.
- even when the hat is firmly closed, try to tap the heel as a time keeper - keep it natural like a slight bounce; you want to avoid the hats from slightly opening as it can sound sloshy in some cases.
- practice riding the cymbal with a basic back beat and play the 'chick' sound with the foot on 1/4s or 8ths and the off beat (on the 'and')
- take up double kick (even if you don't need it for your band tunes.. but practice with it and use your feet like your hands - this will greatly improve your foot co-ordination... plus it's fun!
- try working in the foot splash into your rythmns.. eg. play a shuffle pattern with ride and snare and try to control your hats well enough to throw in splashes with your left foot. For extra bonus points - splash it and close it by rocking your foot to create the 'cheop' sound like you'd get if you hit it with a stick. Similar to the double kick exercise - it just adds more independence to your weaker left foot.
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