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Default Violins & School Rental programs?

I have 3 young daughters (8, 7 & 7)...

They are starting to find some interest in music, which I am very excited about. I was hoping at least ONE of them would be interested in drumming... But for now, that's not the case. :(

One has a guitar, and another likes piano. I have at least some familiarity with those instruments.

But the oldest wants to play Violin, and I know absolutely NOTHING about it.

Her school has a Strings program to learn violin. They offer rentals for approximately $200/year... Plus stand... plus learning material...

She was already fitted, and needs a "1/4 size" violin. Are these rentals worth spending the money on? Should I go to fleabay to find one for half the price? My thought was since she is so young, and growing rapidly, that spending money on an expensive instrument is not a wise idea. At the same time, I hate to spend that much for an instrument she can't keep.

Just wondering what you folks would do.

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