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Default Re: Die-cast hoops

Originally Posted by Fuo View Post
You're squandering a perfectly good excuse to buy all new drums ;)
Maybe a new snare, at best. I probably need another, anyhow. I just got a new kit. I just want to get that more 'focused' sound

Originally Posted by longgun View Post
My thoughts exactly.......................a vintage Gretsch kit with Die-cast hoops sounds great......................but may run a bit more than $100..........unfortunately
Yeah, exactly. I already know that I can make my snare sound good. I just want to give it that little extra

Originally Posted by Dirtysticks View Post
You could look for a used drum that already had diecast hoops that cost around $100 or less. I have seen a few snare with diecast hoops use for that, and I have robbed some hoops that way once or twice in the past. Some of the snares I kept for a while with the old hoops, but I eventually I sold them and made most of my money back. has them for about $50 a piece and shipping would be free if you spend over $100.
I was thinking that just the other day, right before I spent my hoop money on a $120 metronome. It was probably a better investment, though. Tired of using phone apps and such. That's probably how I'll go about it, though. I've found a few decent snares on Ebay with die cast hoops for $100-$130.

I did find a similar deal, I think at About $50 a piece, and I think they have the same shipping deal.
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