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Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Thanks Abe ... 70! That crept up. My favourite track of hers is Mingus's Goodbye Pork Pie Hat. What a front line - Joni, Jaco and Michael Brecker!
Yea, Grea, what a tour de force personality she's been.

A rebel with a million causes, an uncompromising painter, a consumate musician, a powerful social commentator, brilliant songwriter, a folk hero to an entire generation who had the respect of the jazzers and someone who has lived her life fiercely on her own terms.

I've kind of grown up with her music as a constant alongside everything else that I ever listened to over the years.

Porky Pie hat was a great song. Very controversial album. The music industry didnt know what to make of it. Some jazzers scoffed, but didnt know at the time that Mingus had been wanting to do something with her for quite a while.

I love so many of her tunes,,, black crow, furry sings the blues, drycleaner from des moines, amelia always makes me cry.. I love her open tunings, the sound of her guitar, her cigarette flavored voice....

Its obvious that I love her, isnt it. : ))))


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