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Default Re: Are Ludwig Supraphonics really that good a snare

Originally Posted by BGH View Post
Interesting. What played into the decision to buy the 405? Did you want a brand new drum, rather than a used 402? Or was there some other factor that drove your decision?
At the time, used 402s were thin on the ground in my neck of the woods. Unfortunately, in the UK, Ludwigs in general are (in my experience) nowhere near as prevalent as the other big brands these days. As I was looking at buying something on spec over the internet I decided to go for a brand new 405 having heard about the 2012 reissue snares from Ludwig on this forum.

I had already played some vintage 404s (Acros) and actually preferred those to the 400 and noticed that the 405 is a 10 lug snare, as opposed to the 404 which has 8. This pretty much convinced me that, apart from different style lugs and the extra chrome, the 405 is (in my mind) near-as-dammit the same as a 402 for a lot less money* - especially when purchased from a US retailer. I had looked for a used 405 over here but they're like Hen's Teeth compared to the other Ludwig snares.

So one year on and despite the idiosyncrasies that Ludwig is now (in)famous for it's going strong. All I've changed on it is the batter head (swapped out for a coated Emperor) and it plays like a dream: I've even stopped caring about the p85.

*EDIT - Obviously, this only applies to the aluminium shells
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