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Originally Posted by porter View Post
You'd have to get them used, then. Yamaha discontinued most of their lines this year in a split with Sakae (previously mentioned), their biggest factory. Now Sakae makes their own stuff and Yamaha is opening/opened a new factory in China for their new lines, the first of which is the Live Custom. People seem to really like those, so I guess the factory is pretty much up to par, but the RCs and CCs are discontinued now.
I think quite a few shops over there still have them. I think the Club customs are still being built over there. When I was there in June the were still bringing in Club customs and the sales guy told me that they were one of the only ones that were still being made in Japan. Plus I just found out from a friend in Japan that they are making new recording customs.

The thing is, when your over there you see all sorts of stuff from pearl, tama and yamaha that you wouldn't see anywhere else. Like prototype stuff. Lots and lots of limited edition stuff.
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