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Default Re: My new Saturn IV's arrived :) Pics

Originally Posted by akshuncambo View Post
Mine is actually bubinga. What I'm thinking of doing is getting a Genera and EC Resonant and see which one has the right amount of muffling/sound control for what I want. I was afraid the EC2/EC Reso combo would be too much muffling but I'll have to give it a try. Thanks!
I've used the EC2 with several bottom heads, including the EC reso on both of my kits and I really don't think of the EC reso as muffling as much as EQ. It tends to cut highs and mids a little, which can leave some drums sounding a little TOO scooped in the midrange. On my Ludwig kit I love the EC2/EC Reso combo, but on my birch kit it kills mids too much, so I prefer using a Strata 1000 on the bottom, which brings back a lot of mids and makes the toms sound really balanced.

I can imagine the walnut in a Saturn shell (or the bubinga in a Starclassic) also brings enough mids into the sound that the EC2/ECReso combo probably sounds clean, but still pretty full.
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