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Default Re: Attack vs Sustain - Double vs Single ply Heads

Originally Posted by cangaroo View Post
Anyway, what kind of head you suggest for a vintage sound with more punch and less sustain ? I'm tempted to try Ambassadors X or Emperor on the tom and floor batter side.

Thank you
Ambassador X, Emperor or Vintage Emperor in clear or coated over a Diplomat for a sensitive response with a lot of resonance but quick decay and/or little sustain. In fact I personally am going to try a Diplomat setup with Vintage Emperors as batters asap. I can't wait to hear my 16" FT with that setup! Loud, sensitive, deep and a quick punch is what I have in my mind and I'm sure with Remo heads I will achieve that easily as they are fantastic heads! Can't go wrong with Remo, ever.
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