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Default Re: RIMS killers

You could do a Booty Shaker for a bass drum.

One each in the foot. You could extend the spike to fit in a small slot in a plastic base with the foam supporting the actual foot. Solve the moving/sliding problem by having the plastic base with velcro on it for a rug.
If someone was interested, or concerned about having a bass drum that much more resonant, they would deal with a small rug, or attaching something to an existing rug.

One piece of the foam for under the batter side area in front of the hoop.
That could be achieved in a few ways, either attached to a plate and rig something with a hoop cut out (like lifter bass drum hoops DW makes), and a 1" lift instead of a taller one like they have out now (those are maybe 2" tall or whatever).
It could just be a small piece of foam that lifts the batter end up a little and you just put that much of a lift (of whatever material) under the pedal plate.

Most people aren't going for max resonance in a bass drum anyway, so it'd probably never sell--or sell very little.

You'd probably get as much resonance by lifting the front of the drum up a little, instead of having the drum flat (or almost flat) on the floor. I've always ad the front up a little, The sound of the drum is much better to me, and so is the pedal action.

Some people seem afraid to do that, because of some perceived fear of harming the drum by having it up more on one end. Some may even think it's wrong to do it--why I have no idea.
A bass drum is never going to go out of round doing this, nor is a bass drum hoop. A hoop isn't going to get broken unless it is abused. It's not going to happen.

YES, the 'Lil Booty Shakers for snare baskets work great. Really fantastic.
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