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Default Re: Hi-Hat Stepping (Lift & Close on every beat)

Originally Posted by WhoIsTony? View Post
one of the best responses I have seen here

...the hi hat is one of the most, if not THE most expressive instruments in the kit and should be worked on and used as such

develop your left foot to have its own voice and you will stand out among those who designate it solely as a time keeper ......and they are in abundance
Sheepdisease - It's cool that you're looking to develop you're hihat foot. 2 things you can try are foot strengthening exercises, and coordination exercises.

Strengthening - Go through the book Stick Control with your feet. Start slowly and play heels down - this will strengthen and stretch those muscles around your ankles.

Coordination - Check out the Fatback exercises in Gary Chaffee's Time Functioning Patterns. Start as he suggests playing on the hihat, but eventually move to the ride and add different patterns with your hihat foot to the grooves. Start with 1/4 notes, then upbeats, 1/8ths, etc.

Also check out Billy Ward's DVDs - Big Time and Voices in My Head - he has some nice sections on playing the hihat...
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