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Default Re: Attack vs Sustain - Double vs Single ply Heads

Hi there, i'm upping this thread cause the title and the argument was exactly what i was wondering about.

Currently i play an old slingerland set (13 16 22) with Ambassador heads. The tone is good but too much round.

Since i'm a beginner, i thought the thinner the head, the more attack you have. Instead looking at Evans website i've found out that following their tone graphs, the coated G2 has far more attack than the G1.

Reading this thread make me confused because some of you suggests that that my original idea is true, but Evans are not of the same idea.

Anyway, what kind of head you suggest for a vintage sound with more punch and less sustain ? I'm tempted to try Ambassadors X or Emperor on the tom and floor batter side.

Thank you
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