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Default Re: Are Ludwig Supraphonics really that good a snare

Originally Posted by Bad Tempered Clavier View Post
Going back to the OP's OP, I played a 400 for the first time last year (after nearly 25 years of drumming) and was also a little disappointed. I then played a 402 and was blown away. I guess that when some of us think of the quintessential Supra Sound it depends on whether one is into deeper or shallower snares per se.

In the end I bought myself one of the reissue 405s (Acro) and couldn't be happier. I wouldn't have said it was a "Budweiser" snare - more of a Jack Daniels snare. I think the reason I like it so much is that it's nice, but not too nice: I've had high end snares that I've been too worried about in terms of taking them out gigging etc, but for me this is a real workhorse snare. It also helps that I think it sounds magic.
Interesting. What played into the decision to buy the 405? Did you want a brand new drum, rather than a used 402? Or was there some other factor that drove your decision?
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