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Default Re: Are Ludwig Supraphonics really that good a snare

Originally Posted by Les Ismore View Post
If they sounded different its not b/c of the 402's construction/edge profile and to a lesser degree heads/tuning, it would most likely be b/c of recording technique.

To make it easier to understand, If all things were equal, recording, heads, drummer (we'll use Bonham as mythical demonstration example)...

If Bonham were demoing four different 6.5 metal snare drums under the same recording conditions, one of them being a 402, blind sound test, just say "Look, we'll play you 4 examples, tell us which one is the LUDWIG" wouldn't even have to name the other 3, nine out of ten drummers would be able to pick out the LUDWIG example no problem.

The 400/402 are easily the worlds most recognizable metal snare drum sounds. No more versatile than a PEARL SENSITONE, or 50 other steel snares out there.

People shell out the $ for a LUDWIG 400/402 b/c they want that sound, not b/c they want versatility, you can get versatility for a lot less money. They're not putting up the cash for the cheap pot metal lugs and strainer(s) LUDWIG put on those drums. As an example one would put out $ for the materials and workmanship for something like a GMS, or AYOTTE first, LUDWIG 400/402 its sound first, then just reconcile to live with the cheap materials.

The mystique is you really have to own a 400/402 to realize this, once you do and accept the reality its easy to play something else and be happy for less money.
I completely disargee.Tuning,stick choice,where you hit the drum and touch all play LARGELY into it's sound.

That's pretty easy to understand

Steve B
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