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Default Re: Are Ludwig Supraphonics really that good a snare

Originally Posted by KarlCrafton View Post
Les has talked about "cheap pot metal", and things breaking in the past (not just with Ludwig to be fair), but to this day, I have yet to have anything break, or a lug come apart. What gives? I take care of my stuff, but I hardly "baby" it either.

Compared to a SOLID GMS or Ayotte lug, that's apples and oranges.
If the lugs on a Ludwig were solid, then the sound would change--and I don't think anyone would debate that.

Personally, I don't think the parts used on Ludwig snares are "cheap". They aren't as fancy, or thick or whatever like a Trick throw or something, but, I don't care for Trick throws. They work smoothly, but they have no style, and are a giant hunk of metal stuck on a snare to me.

Pot metal lugs/strainers are seen as cheap by comparison.

You won't find pot metal lugs on a true, well built, snare drum. Now if you throw 'versatility' into the equation, pot metal won't hold up to prolonged stress of hi tunings as well as a machined lug. Pot metal lug post are prone to breaking under certain situations. Not a problem for most, but again add versatility in the equation and people are going to have broken lugs, with pot metal ones being the most prone.

So say a snare drum is dominant on the market and it happens to be the LUDWIG 400/402 and I want to build a better drum, I use machined lugs and strainer, not really much else to improve on. 'Better' in the sense that for years and years to come my snare's constructional integrity would be bullet proof by comparison.
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